What happens at JCON besides the workshops and sessions?

Workshop Roundtables

After our workshops, we will offer a roundtable for all attendees to discuss the workshop topic and its impact on your projects. Find compelling use cases and different perspectives in an open-minded atmosphere with other attendees and workshop speakers.

Happy Hour

Are you looking for a more relaxed and social atmosphere? Join us on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 1800h, on the exhibition floor for a lively happy hour. Enjoy complimentary beer and soft drinks as you mingle with fellow attendees.

VIP Dinner

Ticketholders of a JCON VIP ticket are invited to join a VIP dinner on Wednesday at 1900h and network, exchange, and discuss with luminaries in the Java Realm. Use the exclusive setting to go deeper into conference topics and maximize your JCON experience.

Ask your Questions

We use Slido, an innovative solution, to bring your questions to the big screen. You can type questions on your phone or notebook and interact directly with the speaker. The audience can also vote on questions so that the most interesting ones get answered first.

1:1 Meetings with Conference Speakers and Sponsors

Do you still have questions after a talk or want to discuss a non-public matter?
With Brella, you have the opportunity to plan 1:1 meetings with your favorite Speaker or Sponsor. You can meet with them at a specific location, like heir booth or a designated table in our meeting area.

Complimentary soft drinks and Coffee - all day!

Enjoy complimentary soft drinks and coffee throughout the day. Just grab a bottle from one of the conveniently placed fridges. Coffee is served in the exhibition area. For coffee specialties, use your vouchers at the Coffee Fellows counter on the first floor.

Exhibition area

Check out our exhibition at the heart of the conference. You can also attend live tech demos and talk to vendors who create the technology you use daily. Through Brella, you can reserve a dedicated meeting with a conference representative and speak privately on topics that impact your daily work.

Foojay interviews and Podcast

Frank Delporte from the Foojay Team will interview conference attendees on Tuesday for the Foojay Podcast. Are you ready to go on air?

Gradle Build Propulsion Lab

At the Gradle Build Propulsion Lab, you can explore a wealth of fascinating interviews on various conference topics. Our speakers share unique insights on different subjects, from technology and innovation to business and culture.