1:1 Meetings powered by Brella

Our community is the most important part of JCON. Therefore, we have an awesome tool for you for this years JCON.

Brella - The Networking App to socialize with everyone!

Just accept the invite you get from us, download the app and enoy the following benefits:


1:1 Meetings

With Brella you have the opportunity to plan 1:1 Meetings with your favorite Speaker or Sponsor. Here you can meet with them at specific location, like their booth or a designated table in our meeting area.

What's the benefit of it instead just talk to them right away?

  • They are taking their time only for you!
  • No one else standing next to you and interrupting you.
  • Don't have to wait for a opportunity to get the attention of the speaker or sponsor.
  • Take your time. You booth agreed to the meeting. Therefore, there is no rush for the both of you.
  • Chat upfront with them via the integrated chat function. Maybe you can clarify a question without having to talk to the person.
  • Build a connection by getting to know the person more in depth.
First Step
Connect with the person.
Second Step
Suggest a meeting.
Third Step
Book a 1:1 meeting at a timeslot you both are available.

Schedule Planning

If you want to build your own schedule, just visit the "Schedule"-Tab and bookmark the session your are most interested in.

You'll then receive notifications, when the session is about to start.

If you additionally filter the schedule by your bookmarks, you'll then be able the only see your most interessted session to plan your day even better.
Maybe book some 1:1 meetings ;)


Do you want to know more about our sponsors?

Just visit the Sponsors-Tab and click through the virtual booths of the sponsors. There you'll find links and the employees who are at JCON at the booth.

Combined with the 1:1 meetings you're than able to meet up with them to get even more information about the company.