Lunch Voucher

What is the Lunch Voucher?

If you buy the Conference Pass including the Lunch Voucher you will get a coupon every single conference day.

This coupon allows you, to eat for free* at the following locations.

*Every location has some menus that can be bought with a coupon. If you want anything more expensive or anything else, than the menus listed below, you have to pay yourself.




Where can I eat? 

Below you can find all of our partners who will accept the coupon, their location, and the value of the voucher (menus or price).

If the location accepts the coupon as a price, you can buy whatever you want until you reach the coupon value. Anything further, you have to pay yourself.

If the location accepts the coupon only as a trade for listed menus, you can't use the coupon for anything else. For everything else, you have to pay full-prize by yourself.